Are you interested in racing sailboats?

The J/22's in our Why Buy Fleet are set up for racing and can be taken out. Please make sure that you register with the yacht club and learn the rules of racing before going out! You can also reach out to local clubs and see if they are looking for new members and crew (most always are!).

Victoria Sailing School does offer an annual Racing Clinic for studented who have passed ASA101 and ASA103. You will learn to fly a spinnaker, and the basics of racing so you can safely join any of the local clubs and race on our boats, or crew on someone else's!

Below are local yacht clubs that have racing programs:

Chatfield Reservoir - Colorado Sail & Yacht Club

Cherry Creek Reservoir - Denver Sailing Association

Carter Lake - Carter Yacht Club

Dillon Reservoir - Dillon Yacht Club


Governing Bodies

Sailing Association of Intermountain Lakes (SAIL)

World Sailing


Racing Rules of Sailing

Before you go sailing you should familiarize yourself with the Racing Rules of Sailing

Each club will also have posted SI's (Sailing Instructions), and NOR's (Notice of Race), check with whichever club you are iterested in and read through them!