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Vic Sail Gift Certificates

Get you Victoria Sailing School gift certificate! Each certificate is valued at $1, so you can purchase any amount you choose.

After your purchase, please email to get your gift certificate. Please send the giftee's name, and any other pertinent info.


How To Redeem A Victoria Sailing School Gift Certificate:

  1. If the gift certificate is for a specific course, please send us an email ( with all of your snail mail information as well as the certificate # and we will set you up in our system. As soon as you are set up, you will receive an email with instructions on how to proceed.
  2. If the Gift Certificate is for a dollar value, please go to and check the product details prior to sending us the above mentioned email, so that we will know where to apply the funds.

Some Important Terms:

  1. The recipient of the gift certificate may redeem the gift certificate for an item sold by the Victoria Sailing School or Colorado Watersports, as long as there is equal pricing between the items or additional funds are provided to make up the difference.
  2. If this gift certificate is not redeemed within a period of two years from date of purchase and the price of a course itemized in the description of the gift certificate has increased in cost, in the time between the issuance and the redemption of this gift certificate, the Victoria Sailing School or Colorado Watersports may request the difference be paid upon the redemption of this gift certificate.
  3. Gift Certificate has no cash value to any person other than the purchaser. Gift certificates may be redeemed for cash by the original purchaser for a period of one year.
  4. Victoria Sailing School or Colorado Watersports are not responsible for lost or stolen gift certificates. The Victoria Sailing School or Colorado Watersports may also refuse to accept Gift Certificates it believes to be fraudulent.
  5. Victoria Sailing School and Colorado Watersports reserve the right to reverse any Gift Certificate purchase for any reason and return the funds to the purchase' or their representative.


Dates include the classroom session. You can start the online portion instantly after purchase.