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Coastal Navigation Retake

This course is only for Victoria Sailing School Students who have taken Coastal Navigation with us before. If you would like to re-access the course materials or re-attend the class this is the course for you!

A 9 week course (9 lecture weeks plus an exam night), taught live on Wednesday evenings via webinar, starting the last week of January. Available always through recorded video, you can start the course at any time and join the live series for up to 2 years.

The course covers the tips, tricks and techniques required to sail boats in coastal waters. The course is designed making the assumption that you have lost all electrical power on the boat.


Students have taken ASA105 with us before and are looking to retake it or get new materials.

Upon Completion

You will have been taught all of the most common techniques used for 100's of years to navigate close to shore (where it counts).  The assumptions of the course are that you are always sailing in foul weather and the engine died long enough ago that there is no longer any electricity available.

Starting Dates:

Live Online Webinars:  This class is only taught by an instructor, online, typically on Wednesday evenings, starting end of January each year, running from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. MST.  For the year 2023, the webinars will be starting on Wednesday, January 25th, 2023.  Recorded sessions are available at any time.

Recorded Sessions:  Since all of the sessions are recorded it is possible to start at any time and run through the recorded webinars at your own pace.  For 2 years from the date of purchase, you will be considered an "Active" student and will have access to all of the videos and live presentations to complete the class.  You can reset the clock and retake the course for the cost of the materials package. 

Any "active" student can attend any of the live online sessions.



Six charts from around the world.


Binder with required materials, including homework.


Access to the online material for 2 years.

Required Items

circleRolling Ruler (or Parallel Rules)
circleSeveral pencils and a large eraser

Topics Covered

  • Definitions of navigational terms (Domestic & International).
  • Pro and Cons of different types of necessary navigation equipment.
  • Symbols, abbreviations and conventions for U.S. Hydrographic Charts.
  • Symbols, abbreviations and conventions for International Hydrographic Charts - they are different.
  • What to look for (navigation wise) when approaching a foreign harbor.
  • Usage of all the government publications - light list, coastal pilot.
  • Applicable Rules of the Road, both U.S. and foreign.
  • Thorough coverage of the use of Tide and Current Tables.
  • Understanding of compass errors.
  • Creation of a deviation card for a compass.
  • Plotting a dead reckoning position.
  • How to use a danger bearing.
  • Quick calculations for Speed Of Boat (no knotmeter) and distance away from a light.
  • Five different methods of determining your position (3 bearing fix, doubling the angle on the bow, Bowditch table 17, advancing a line of position, depth sounder navigation).
  • Calculating and adjusting for drift (non tidal).
  • Calculating and adjusting for tidal set and drift.



Dates include the classroom session. You can start the online portion instantly after purchase.