Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Team Building and Leadership Skills through Sailing!

Whether you work with a few people or a few dozen, sharing a sailing experience outside the office can be great for group morale and productivity! No other sport in the world will force you to think critically, in a 360° globe all the time. Putting groups together to learn sailing will improve communication skills, encourage decision making, and increase collaboration between team members.



  • Sailing requires strong interaction and communication between skipper (in charge) and crew
  • Sailing promotes planning and enhances problem solving skills
  • Wind shifts on the water are like changes in the office, sailors must make smart and fast decisions. Adaptability is key
  • Sailing will help with task setting and goal accomplishment, as soon as talking about how to leave the dock

Tailored Programs for Your Group

Schedule a full day or half day of sailing, and find out how similar managing a boat is to managing a company! 


Race Challenge

Do you have a group of 8-12? Then the race challenge will be ideal for you! Each boat will be assigned 3-4 participants along with a certified instructor. Participants will rotate through being captain and crew of the boat. With the help of our instructors, each boat will race against each other regatta style! Company leaders will experience carrying out commands given from employees, and employees will learn how challenging it can be to be in charge.

Ideally the race challenge is a full day on the water with at least 6 people (2 boats), up to 12 people (3 boats). This can also be done in a half day format.


Sail Outing

Don’t want to compete with each other? Have a smaller group? We can set up a sail outing! We can accommodate groups from 4-12 people, and be on as little as 1 boat to 3. Instead of focusing on racing we can go out and learn to sail as a group, while still focusing on building communication skills, leadership techniques, and problem solving. This can be more relaxed for groups who just want to enjoy a day (or half day) out of the office and on the water.

Entertain Clients/”Aboard a Boat” Meetings

Our J/30 can comfortably sail with 6 people. So if you are bringing clients into town and want to make a lasting impression, do so aboard our boat! You can also host small board meetings aboard and incorporate sailing into your next sales meeting, awards dinner, or any other small corporate event.


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