1. Making Regular Reservations for the boats.
  2. Reservations for all the WHY BUY boats, regardless of location, will be handled in the same manner.
  3. Groups who have paid the Full Time fare are allowed to book the vessel for any day of the week, any of the three time slots available. Groups paying the “Restricted” membership fare are only allowed to make reservations for the morning or afternoon sessions Monday through Friday.
  4. There are 3 available times each day. From dawn to 12:00, 12:30 to 17:00 and from 17:30 to dusk. Please allow enough time to be back at the dock and have the boat cleaned for the next group. If you decide to operate the vessel during hours that require running lights, you are responsible for provided them. Legal requirements for vessels under 7 meters in length are for a single white light (flashlight).
  5. Reservations for all the boats will be made by accessing the online reservation system through our website. You will enter your group id and password, then the location you wish to sail, and the date / time. This will be the only way to enter a reservation. There will be a $3.50 use charge for each reservation.

NOTE: You will be charged the fee ($3.50 per reservation) for any reservation not cancelled.

  1. If the date and time you wish are not available, please try another date and time.
  2. There is no limit on the time limit for making a reservation but each group is only allowed to have one reservation on the books for the Cherry Creek, Chatfield Reservoir, Carter Lake or Dillon boats at any given time.
  3. Racing
  4. The boats are insured for racing. If you wish to race at any of the Club races you must register with the Yacht Club. Please do not go out to the race course and just start to race with the other boats.
  5. Making Short Term Reservations for the Vessels.
  6. A short term reservation is a reservation that is made less than 12 hours from the time you wish to sail.
  7. A short term reservation will not affect any other reservation the group already has on the books.
  8. Canceling Reservations.
  9. If you have a reservation for a boat and realize that you are not going to be able to use the vessel, please cancel the reservation as soon as possible to allow others to book the time. If you do not cancel the reservation, prior to the start of the reservation, you will be charged for the reservation.
  10. Safety Equipment.
  11. The boats are equipped with the required safety gear for 5 average sized adults. It is your responsibility to provide PFD’s for smaller or larger members of your party as appropriate.
  12. Refueling the boats.
  13. The boats at Cherry Creek, Lake Dillon and Lake Carter will have gas outboard engines. There is an account at the Marina office in the name of Victoria Sailing School. If the tank is less than 1/2 full please re-fill. There will be oil stowed on the boat. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO ADD THE OIL. If you cannot find the oil, purchase some more on the charge account and store in the boat.
  14. Cleaning the boats.
  15. All vessels have buckets, brushes and cleaning fluid on board. The cleaning fluid is very high concentrate and needs only a small amount in the bucket to clean the vessel. PLEASE WASH & CLEAN THE VESSELS AFTER EACH USAGE.
  16. Please PICK UP ALL GARBAGE on the vessels when you are finished with sailing for the day.
  17. We are trying very hard to keep the vessels as clean and in good repair as possible. Please help us as much as you can. Thanks.
  18. Breakage.
  19. Please notify Tibor Van den Wildenbergh - 303-697-7433 - as soon as possible any breakage on the boats so we can repair it as soon as possible.


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