Fleet racing is when a group of boats (typically different styles and sizes) wish to race against each other, typically as part of a evening or weekend regatta that is hosted by a yacht club.

Fleet racing has its own set of rules. The Racing Rules of Sailing are published every four years, beginning the year after the Summer Olympics, by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF). They govern sailboat racing around the world. The US Prescriptions are added to The Racing Rules of Sailing, and they govern races that are held in the United States or the parts of international races that pass through US waters. The US Prescriptions rank as rules in the US.  Here is a link to these rules.


Here are the rules for racing the Why Buy boats in Colorado.

1) The boats are insured for racing

2) You can use spinnakers. With the new electronic lockboxes we have, we will be putting a sail locker on the docks and will allow qualified (people who have completed the spinnaker class) access to the lockers.

3) At Chatfield reservoir, the Victoria Sailing School has paid the racing fees to Clorado Sail and Yacht Club (CSYC)for all the boats, therefore there is no cost per boat to sail in a race. But that is only 1/2 of the story. In order to race with the club, you must also be a member of the club. The club is offering a discounted membership fee of $50 for Why Buy members.

4) All of the regular Why Buy rules apply to the usage of the Why Buy boats, i.e. having only one Why Buy reservation on the books at any given time.

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