As most of you already know, they are raising the water level at Chatfield Reservoir by 12 ft in the next couple of years, which means that there is going to be a lot of construction happening and there will be some disruptions in the recreational activities.  They have a website available to explain these closures and activities -  As you can see from the project plans, the west side of the park is being worked on this winter, with the expectation that the work will be completed by Memorial Day of the 2018 season.

Chatfield Marina (therefore the Victoria sailing School) will open as normal on April 1st, so we will have boats in the water at that time (weather permitting).  But, the marina will be closing for regular business on Labor Day evening, Sept. 3rd, 2018.  Starting that Tuesday morning, all of the boats in the marina need to be pulled so work can start on the east side of the park, including the building of a brand new marina.  We have permission to be the last boats our of the marina, but the time frame will be as soon as the last marina boat is out of the water, the VSS boats will have 4 hours to be out of the water.  Bottom line - I am not sure how much past Labor Day we will be in the water at Chatfield Marina, but I would expect no moire than 8 or 9 days.

We have been talking with the management at Dillon, Cherry Creek and Carter and will move the boats to these reservoirs as we pull them out of Chatfield - at this point I am thinking we will put 1 additional boat at Dillon (leaving the boats in the water until mid October), 2 additional boats at Cherry Creek and one additional boat at Carter.

For the 2019 season, they are thinking the marina will open on Memorial Day, 2019.

Obviously, all of this is subject to change, depending on the construction timeline.
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