Tired of the expenses of owning a sailboat?  Want to be able to sail as much as you please all summer? The Victoria Sailing School's "Why Buy" program could be the solution for your dilemma. We have a unique time share program in which you can sail the International Class J/22 on several Colorado lakes.

For a per annum fee (similar to a skiing season's pass) you sail as much as you want on any of the boats available. See FAQ below for more details.

How Much Does It Cost To Sail


Own a Boat

Daily Rentals

Victoria Sailing
"Why Buy Club"





Insurance, paint, maintenance




Cost of money






$ 130 / half day




$ 1,300 / for 10 rentals

see accompanying table

Why Buy Costs

Type of Membership

Full Membership

Partial Membership

Single (1 Registered Captain)



Double (2 Registered Captains)

$706 per captain

$394 per captain

Triple (3 Registered Captains)

$602 per captain

Not Available


What qualifications are required? Insurance requires that each registered captain (the person in your group who is acting as the captain when you go sailing) must hold at least the Basic Coastal Cruising Certification or have comparable experience. Comparable experience will be determined by a check-out sail with the Victoria Sailing School. There is a one-time fee (see Store / Why Buy Club / Why Buy Checkout for amount) cost for this check-out.

 Does the Victoria Sailing School offer this Certification? Yes, and the certification can be challenged. This is an International Certification that will be of great benefit when chartering vessels any place in the world.

What paperwork is required? There are two forms that must be filled out.  If you are a member of a multi-captain group, each registered captain must fill out the forms. Select either of the following links for a complete (printable) copy of the Why Buy Members Agreement or the Why Buy Contract.

How do reservations work when there is more than one registered captain in a group? All captains in a group share the same user-id and password.  As far as the reservation system is concerned, all the rules for a single membership apply to the group membership.

What levels of memberships are available? There are two levels of memberships available, a "Regular" and a "Partial" membership.

What is the difference between a "Regular" and a "Partial" membership? A "Regular" membership has access to the boats at any of the 3 available time slots, 7 days a week.  The "Partial" membership can only access the boats during the day (morning and afternoon), during the week (Monday through Friday inclusive).  Both memberships have access to all the boats at all the different locations.

If I initailly sign up with a "Partial" membership, then realize I would like to sail on the weekends - can I upgrade?
Yes, just pay the difference in pricing.

What are the basic rules? You can sail as often as you wish, but you can only have one ("Long Term") reservation on the books at any given time.  This rule prevents any one member from reserving a boat every Saturday afternoon all summer.  As soon as you finish with one reservation, you can log on to the reservation system and place another reservation.  The one exception to this rule is the "Short Term Reservation".

What is a Short Term Reservation?
The link to the "Short Term" reservation accesses a rolling 24 hr calendar, so you can only access reservation times within the next 24 hours.  If you wake up in the morning, decide you would like to go sailing that same day, you can make a "Short Term" reservation and not be restricted by any "Long Term" reservations in the system.

Are there any additional fees?
Yes, there is a per reservation charge of $2.50. This fee will not be charged if a reservation is cancelled prior to the start of the reservation. The fee will be billed at the end of the season.

What are the times?  How often can I sail?
There are three sailing slots in a day, from dawn to noon, 12:30 to 5:00 p.m. and from 5:30 p.m. through dusk.  Please be courteous to the group following you.  Be back at the dock at the appropriate time.

Can multiple people join as a group?
Yes, there can be up to 3 registered captains in a "Full Time" group and up to 2 registered captains in a "Partial" group.

How do we arrange to go sailing? Reservations are made on-line, through our reservations system and are on a first come, first serve basis. Sailing sessions will be limited to 4 hours per usage, so that other members would be able to sail on the same day. There will be three different times per day to sail. Dawn to noon, 12:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., and 5:30 p.m. to dusk.

Do I have to pay the full fee at one time? We will accept payments over a 3 month time frame.

How do we know a boat will be available for us? The Victoria Sailing School presently has ten J-22's available for members use. Each ten new members will spur the purchase of a new boat.

What is the extent of my liability? We will take a $1,000.00 impression of your charge card as a damage deposit. This will be cancelled at the end of the season, if you have caused no damage to the vessel. This deposit is used to repair any negligent damages you caused while in charge of the vessel. Normal wear and tear repairs are the responsibility of the Victoria Sailing School.

Where will the boats be? We have two boats at Lake Dillon, one at Lake Carter, three at Cherry Creek Reservoir and four at Chatfield Reservoir. As the fleet grows, we will place boats at different marinas in the state.

How long will the boats be in the water? The boats are in the water as soon as the snow clears.  They are launched approximately April 1st and will be taken out when the first ice starts to form - approximately the end of October.

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