We often have inquiries from people who have a lot of sailing experience, but have never taken a formal sailing class, and now wish to charter with a company or in a location in the world that requires a certification level higher than the one they have.

For these people we allow you to challenge courses up to the level of certification you require.  Please note - each level is a prerequisite for the next level, so if you wish to challenge to the ASA 104 level, you must also write the exams for the ASA 101 & ASA 103.

ASA 101 - If you already know how to "Head Up", "Bear Away", "Tack" & "Gybe (Jibe)", you do not need to take the ASA 101 course - you can register for the ASA 103 and the challenge for the ASA 101 is included in the cost - Please Note:  You will need to pay the ASA costs (itemized under "http://www.victoriasailingschool.com/index.php/instruction/asacertification").

ASA 103 - You must have the experience required for the ASA 101, (from the description of the ASA 101 challenge above), plus have experience taking a boat our as the skipper.  This means that you have to be able to act competently as the skipper of the boat, which in turn means that you should know the meanings of different navigational buoys and how to read Tide & Current tables.  You will need to write both the ASA 101 & the ASA 103 exams and go for a sail with us.  To purchase this option, you will need to purchase 1 "Sailing Checkout" and 2 "ASA Certification Test(s)".

ASA 104 - You must have the experience required for the ASA 101 & ASA 103, (from the description of the ASA 101 & ASA 103 challenge above), plus have at least three charter experiences, with you as the documented skipper.  These charters should not all be from the same location - i.e. the Virgin Islands.  To purchase this option, you will need to purchase 1 "Sailing J/30 Checkout" and 3 "ASA Certification Test(s)".

ASA 105 or ASA 107 - Since these are theory only classes (Coastal & Celestial Navigation), there is no need for a sailing session.

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