Bareboat Chartering Dates

All of the Victoria Sailing School's courses are a combination of theory and practical sessions.

Practical sessions can start immediately after completing the first theory session.


Denver Bareboat Chartering Theory Classes

Please Note: Since the Theory Classes are available online, you can take the theory class any time you wish. Select the California trip that fits your schedule. Obviously, since we have a limited number of spaces available for the California segments, you need to co-ordinate with the School to reserve space on these segments - please do so prior to arranging transportation.

Theory Class

Weekends in California

Now Available Online

May 31- June 2 2019

Now Available Online


Now Available Online

November 1-3 2019

Students can write their theory exams on any night there is a regularly scheduled theory class. There will be one final exam night on November 13, 2019

Note: Theory classes are taught on this published schedule. On the water classes are scheduled to fit your needs.
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