This course is designed for those who have very little or no previous sailing experience, but wish to start formal training.

NOTE:  If you already know how to "Head Up", "Bear Away", "Tack" and "Gybe", you may not need to take this course.  More details are available at Which Class Is Right For Me


No prerequisites required for this course.  Although it would make you feel more comfortable on the water, you do not need to know how to swim.

Upon Completion:

You will have the knowledge and practical application to be a competent crew member.

Starting Dates:

Starting dates are available online, with a new session starting about every 2 weeks (March 15th - September) - Starting Dates.  These are the classroom session, but since "Theory 1" is available online, you can really start at any time.  You can be studying "Theory 1" within 10 minutes of registering for the course.

Getting Started:



$422.00 each
                    This price includes the above mentioned lifejacket for each registrant

To Register:

Please follow this link - Store/Sailing Instruction/Basic Keelboat Sailing.

General Description:

The course is 15 hours in length, all sessions are three hours each.  The course has two theory session consisting of "Theory 1" and "Know Your Knots", making up six of the fifteen hours. The remaining nine hours are three practical session on the water sailing the J/22s, each practical is three hours in length.

Ashore (Theory 1) Knowledge:

Ashore (Know Your Knots) Knowledge:

Skills Afloat include: