ASA 101 and ASA 103 (or equivalent experience).

Upon Completion:

You will have the knowledge and practical application to be a competent skipper in near coastal waters.


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$916.00 each

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Please follow this link - Store/Sailing Instruction/Bareboat Chartering

General Description:

If you ever plan to overnight charter, this course gives you the open water experience required.  The course makes the assumption that you already know the basics of sailing, so the course material concentrates on boat systems and giving you the experience docking and maneuvering larger boats.

With the recent purchase of our J/30, we believe we have the most comprehensive Bareboat Chartering course available with any school.  So - how can we make such an outrageous claim and better yet - how can we back it up?

We break our course into three sections:

  1. A (one) classroom session that we cover the theory required to pass the ASA 104 written exam.  Full specifications for the course can be found at  You will also take the exam at our Denver location.
  2. Two practical sessions onboard our J/30.  The J/30 has all the systems that the larger boats do; inboard diesel, roller furling, propane galley, electrical systems & marine head.  We will have covered the theory of 12 volt electrical systems in the theory class (section 1), but now we will put a multimeter in your hands, so you can trace the connectivity of wires, and measure the voltage.  We will be teaching you how to troubleshoot the system!
  3. We go to California and sail from Long Beach over to Catalina Island!!!

So, why do we think we have the best Bareboat Chartering course available:

  1. We have a classroom session to teach the material that should be taught in a lecture mode.
  2. The two practical sessions onboard our J/30, covering the boat systems part of the course, will be much more of hands on training,  We don't know of any other school that shows you how to use a multimeter.
  3. By the time you have completed the course, you will have sailed on three different sizes (J/30, 40+ monohull 38 ft. catamaran) and two different types (monohulls and catamarans) of boats !!