Our 3 Cyl Universal Engine

We offer three courses - a 1 day introductory course (witch is a prerequisite for the 2nd and 3rd days) and 2 additional single day courses.  None of these courses are designed to turn you into a diesel mechanic, but will cover the basics of how the internal combustion diesel engine operates, all of the systems that are in place on a typical cruising sailboat, troubleshooting procedures that will help you diagnose grumpy engines and suggested spare parts and tools.  None of the days are brand specific, the knowledge leaned applies to all marine diesel engines - you will be working on a 3 cylinder Universal engine (often used in Catalina sailboats) and a 2 cylinder Yanmar (often used in Hunter and french sailboats).

Each engine is mounted on a cart and is a fully functioning (running up to 3500 rpm) engine with all of the systems found on modern cruising sailboats.

You can register for any of the days individually, but Day 1 is a prerequisite for either days 2 or 3.

Day 1 of 3 days - Introduction to Marine Diesels:  Designed to familiarize the student with all the systems on a marine diesel engine and the pros and cons from different manufacturers.

  • Covers the basics of how all internal combustion engines work and the specific differences between gas and diesel engines, including the timing of the combustion.
  • Cover all of the different systems that are typically installed on a modern cruising sailboat reviewing the pros and cons of different models.  We have multiple parts torn apart so you can actually see how they work.
  • Winterizing a marine diesel engine.
  • Covers the basics of using a multimeter to diagnose battery and electrical issues, including hoe to "Troubleshoot" electrical gauges (temperature, fuel level etc). 
  • Covers how to quickly configure the engine to operate as an emergency bilge pump.

More detailed information is available at Day 1 Basic Maintenance.

Day 2 of 3 days - Troubleshooting a Marine Diesel:  Designed for graduates of the 1 day course who wish a greater understanding on the intricacies of a diesel engine and gain more experience in troubleshooting problems.

  • Students arrive to 2 diesel engines that will not start - each one of them will have numerous issues.
  • Students will go through the engines, diagnosing the problems and fixing the issues.
  • Typically takes about 3 hours to get each engine working properly and the problems are divided evenly between electrical and mechanical issues and we try to have issues that are "common" issues.

More detailed information is available at Day 2 Troubleshooting

Day 3 of 3 days - Advanced Diagnostics:  Designed for graduates of the 1 day course who wish to get a fuller understanding diagnose the general health of a marine diesel engine.  This is the day we take the engines apart.

  • Learn how to use the following test tools (all available for less than $50 each),
    • compression testers
    • leak down testers
    • pop testers (test the pressure the injectors "pop", adjust the shim package and test again)
  • Take the cooling system heat exchanger apart
  • Discuss the operation of the High Pressure Pump.
  • Discuss how to test the timing of the engine.

More detailed information is available at Day 3 Advanced Diagnostics

 All 3 days:  If you take wish to take all three days - a discount is available, more information is available at All Days Diesel Maintenance

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