Challenging a certification:

We often have inquiries from people who have a lot of sailing experience, but have never taken a formal sailing class, and now wish to charter with a company or in a location in the world that requires a certification level higher than the one they have.

Writing the ASA certification written tests:

After you have completed your coursework (or earlier if you feel comfortable), you can sit for the ASA certification written tests.  If you wish to commute to Denver, you can write them any time that we are offering a regular theory class (either "Theory 1" or "Know Your Knots") - starting dates.

If you do not wish to commute to Denver, you can sit the test at any organization that officially invigilates exams.  This could include libraries, private schools, lawyer offices etc.

Completing the "On the water sessions":

As part of your registration package, you received a checklist of items to be covered for your course.  Please try to remember to take it with you each time you go sailing.  When you have completed the number of practical sessions for your course, all of the items will have been completed.

After you have successfully completed both portions (theory and practical) of your ASA course:

There are costs associated with gaining the ASA certification.  Part of these fees are an annual membership in the ASA, which has numerous benefits (as outlined in the following web page:

Each of the sailing certifications are a prerequisite for the next level, so the ASA101 is prerequisite for the ASA103 and the ASA103 is a prerequisite for the ASA104.  There are no prerequisites for the ASA105 (Coastal Navigation) or the ASA107 (Celestial Navigation) . 

These fees include a year of ASA membership.

We fully support the ASA, but in order to keep the entry cost to the sport of sailing as low as possible, we decided to charge these fees after you have written the ASA exams and are sure you are interested in the sport of sailing.  If you wish the ASA certification, we will gladly administer the exams, submit the paperwork to ASA, and supply you with a log book.  The cost to you will be the same as the ASA charges us (purchasing the items in bulk).  These costs are:

Item One Certification Two Certifications
ASA Membership - annual cost (only purchased once annually) $39.00 $39.00
Each Certification $13.00 $26.00
Log Book - (only purchased once) $ 8.00 $ 8.00
Total $60.00 $73.00
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