I have been sailing for 35 years (1200 sailing days) and have been instructing for the last 10 years, seven with Victoria. My interests in sailing began when I was quite young watching my father read the Horatio Hornblower books which led me to draw pictures of the old square rigged ships that I saw in these books.  But it was not until I found an old board boat being thrown out during junk day in a community where we vacationed on Lake Michigan.  My sons and I did some major repairs, built some new parts, and sailed it off the beach for several years.  From this, I met other sailors with whom I was able to sail on larger boats.   Began chartering Hunter 31's out of Michigan City, IN and enjoyed sailing on large fresh waster lakes, taking my first sailing class.  Finally I purchased my first boat, a Capri26, which I sailed on a small  inland lake near Cincinnati Ohio. During my work years with Procter and Gamble, I was fortunate to travel the globe and had chances to sail in many locations: Tahiti, Philippines, Switzerland, BVI's, Venezuela and Mexico, where I got the itch to sail on oceans rather than lakes.  When I retired in 2004, I bought a new Sabre 362 in Maine and shipped it to the panhandle of Florida, my first retirement location, where I singled handed "Mainestay" on the Choctawhatchee Bay with 10-15 kts every day.  After getting hit by 4 Cat 3 hurricanes and replacing docs and seawalls, I moved to SE Georgia with the Sabre and began racing, first with a local club in the local sounds. That led to races against clubs in Florida where we raced in the Atlantic from Georgia to Florida.   As a way of learning the local waters, I took my first ASA classes from a local school.  It paid off as the docks where I kept Mainestay, were not slips but all parallel parking my 36' boat in a 40' spot!  The tides were 9' twice a day so tidal currents were 3-4 kts.  Great learning and practice for docking in tight, tough conditions.  Finally I moved to Denver to be near some of my grandkids, so I sold the Sabre, but could not sell my home for another year.  During this time, I met a couple who wanted to learn to sail their Catalina 36 which kept me on the water until we moved in 2012 to Denver.  I found Victoria Sailing School and interviewed to join the Why Buy Club but after sharing my resume, began teaching for them instead.  To maintain my skills for larger boats on bigger water, I also joined a club in San Diego to charter boats out to the Pacific several times a year. I love teaching, since that was big part of my work career, so joining Victoria has been a great way to continue working with people to increase their skills and interest in sailing.

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