Growing up in the Great Lakes state and sailing since his teens beginning on a homebuilt sloop on Lake Huron, John is at home in and on the water.  He’s been the owner of a very fast Hobie 18 racing cat, raced Catalina 22s, J-24s and J-29s for over 9 years as well as well as chartered boats on the Chesapeake, in Florida,  around the early pirate infested Caribbean, California and Australia.  He was also second in command and chief navigator sailing an ex-Whitbread Round the World Race boat (race originally named and sponsored by the British Whitbread Brewing Company, but now called The Ocean Race) from Palma Majorca in the Mediterranean  to the Caribbean….before such things as GPS and satellite phones - and yes, nailed the Sombrero light marking the Anegada Passage into Virgin Gorda within 2 hours of expectations after 3 weeks at sea.  


Passionate about outdoor sports and working with and teaching people, John has been an avalanche certified ski patroller, a dive instructor on Lake Superior, and since leaving the high tech corporate world,  a professor of engineering and economics at a local university, a consulting with small business owners, along with teaching at Victoria Sailing since 2012 (and only doing so because of great owners, fellow instructors and great students)


John’s thoughts?  As a physics major, sailing is physics, and physics is fun…so beware of the physics lessons.  I get a kick out of helping people reach their goals - learning to sail, learning to sail the boat they already bought, gaining qualifications to charter around the world, or, just to sailing off to the horizon on their own boat and dreams - and confidence.
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