People say the J/22 is the best sailing boat they've ever been on, including other J's.  With its fixed lead keel, it is stable and safe, but still extremely responsive.  It's as much fun to single-hand with main only as it is to plane under spinnaker in 18 knots of wind.  The J/22 at 1800 lbs. can be towed behind an SUV and launched on the local yacht club hoist. With its easy-to-rig, deck-stepped mast, you can be from trailer to sailing in 30 minutes. The key to J/22's success as a training boat is durability. It's no wonder multiple sailing schools use this boat.  Since its introduction in 1983, the J/22 has blossomed into an International class now with 1,550+ boats sailing in 65 fleets in 18 countries. Over 130 of these boats sailed in the 2004 World Championship. The boat that appeals to all ages and skill levels is now garnering more interest than ever before.
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